Elizabeth Wakeling

Elizabeth Wakeling is a highly qualified Lecturer with over 23 years' experience of teaching vocational and academic courses in Business Administration, IT and Office Skills at all levels. Elizabeth has extensive practical knowledge of business and education environments and is actively involved in the development of teaching and learning, and is assisting the development of a new IT qualification for PAs.

Prior to teaching Elizabeth worked as an Office Manager for an Artificial Intelligence Software company and as a Bilingual PA. Elizabeth has encouraged and inspired hundreds of students to embark on, and achieve, successful, lucrative careers.

Chris Dwight

Chris Dwight is a highly experienced PA and Lecturer in Business Administration, Information Technology and ILEX Legal Secretarial studies. During the course of her 30 year career Chris has developed and managed a range of courses in her role as Curriculum Leader for the Business Administration Department at a large college.

In addition to lecturing, mentoring and guiding, Chris will provide a wealth of practical and theoretical guidance and expertise to assist learners with the development of new skills and career progression.

Camilla Moore

Camilla Moore has over 20 years� experience in both business and education. Throughout a varied career, Camilla has had a diverse range of roles, including Information Technology Service Manager for a large, Blue Chip company, and as a Lecturer in IT, Business Studies and Literacy.

Through her experience Camilla has gained extensive expertise, skills and knowledge to share with students to enhance their learning experience and help them understand the business environment in a practical as well as theoretical way.

Ana Cox

Ana Cox is a highly qualified and experienced counsellor, mentor and coach, specialising in work with both adults and young people, within educational institutions, voluntary organisations and in a private setting.

Ana is also a certified NLP and Time-based techniques practitioner. Prior to entering education Ana worked as a high level PA for a number of top global Investment Banks in the City. As the learning coach for Beckenham College, she will provide learners with guidance, learning support and mentoring within a warm and knowledgeable learning environment.